Watching Eurovision semi finals in the Rainbow Room

God kväll Europa. The Eurovision Song Contest this year takes place in the Swedish city of Malmö after the 2023 victory of Loreen. Due to last year’s great success, we have decided to once again create 3 lovely evenings of watching the 37 countries compete using vocals, staging, and some crazy and party of course.

Both the semi finals will be screened in the Rainbow Room on a membersnight (you can email the board if you want to bring a friend who is not a shout member). The final will be an open to all event in theater De Wilde Wereld. Door will be open at 20:00 every time and the shows start at 21:00.

We from SHOUT are aware of the current situation around Israel and the Israeli participation at Eurovision. We don’t condone the actions of Israel in Gaza and are sad this is damaging this festival around peace and togetherness.

May 7 @ 20:00