Coming Out Day takes place yearly on October 11th. The goals of this day is to increase the social acceptance of LGBTQ+ people. Many organisations hoist the rainbow flag as a sign of support for the LGBTQ+ community.

This year Coming Out Day was on a Sunday and we are in the middle of a pandemic. So no big events in Wageningen this year. SHOUT still didn’t want the day to pass without notice. Together with the bblthk we made a bookshelf with LHBTQ+ themed books. We also worked together with the WUR on a lecture about the importance of Coming Out Day. This event was recorded. You can watch it back her. On Saturday SHOUT had a stand at the Junushof square to hand out small rainbow flags and tell people about Coming Out Day. We had some nice talks with people.

Quite some organisations reacted to our call to fly the rainbow flag on October 11th. At the town hall the flag was hoisted on Friday already and was flying the rest of the weekend. Other places where the rainbow flags were flying: the police station, on the WUR campus, at the building of Unilever, at the Aula at the 5 Mei Plein, at student association KSV Franciscus, the Bevrijdingskerk, youth association Unitas and scouting die Wiltgreaff.