Get Nauti party

Aye landlubbers,
It’s the darkest and stormiest of times in which we’re sailing. Thunder is raging through the sky, the waves are as high as our student debts. But! Hope is not lost.. Through the sound of crashing waves, we hear some irresistible lullabies. It is DJ Dewi Divine calling us, her siren songs blasting through the speakers. Defying the wind and rain, we follow the tunes to the cove known as.. De Wilde Wereld
Ye be cordially invited to Shout’s Get Nauti! on Thursday the 23rd of November. The cavern opens at 23:00 and closes at 3:00, entrance fee: pay what you want.

Dress in your finest aquatic attire! Wear an eyepatch or two. It will be a night to treasure forever.

November 23 @ 23:00