Pink Café: A Christmas Murder Mystery

A Christmas (almost) Murder Mystery

Attempted murder on the Northpole! Christmas almost turned into a funeral. An elf, working at the toy factory, found Santa at the entrance next to a ripped role of wrapping paper, a puddle of water and loads of glitter. It is up to you to interrogate and find the lousy killer, the weapon and their motive.

Our suspects are played by your favorite Drag Kings of Wageningen:

  • Don D as Santa’s Husband
  • E. Man as the baker eld
  • Jack Pace as the wrapping paper elf
  • Christopher Rascal as Rudolph the reindeer

The attempted murder will happen the 15th of December at 20:00 in theater de Wilde Wereld. Interrogation starts at 20:30. Team up or play detective by yourself and win a prize if you are the first to solve the mystery.

December 15 @ 20:00