Acting SHOUT: Paradise, Baby!

Paradise, Baby!

Acting SHOUT proudly presents their first theater play the18th of November in the Wilde Wereld.
Come and see how the bickering between God and Gabriella comes to life. Help Adam and Evert out of Paradise. And take off the devils black stockings in the fabulous queer narration of the Waldorf school paradise play.

This play is in Dutch, but after the play we will continue the night as a regular Café Evening, so don’t hesitate and join us if you don’t speak Dutch!
In future we want to do English spoken theater. If you would like to help set it up or have ideas of queer plays to do next send an email to

18 November
20:00, Theater de Wilde Wereld
Entrance FREE

November 18 @ 20:00
20:00 — 21:00 (1h)