Performance: Now that my breasts are off, we can lie closer together by Caro Ilias

Caro Ilias is not a woman and not really a man either. Caro Ilias is non-binary. Or actually mainly looking for a version of themselves in which they can feel at home. But being yourself in a society that does not always accept this can be quite a quest. The transition process of Caro Ilias forms the guiding principle of Now that my breasts are gone, we can lie closer together, with the big question: How to be yourself together?
​Caro Ilias wants to celebrate who we are. Together with you. A party for embracing yourself, even when this is exciting for those around you.

In the performance, Caro Ilias shows his personal search for connection and, above all, the beauty of becoming yourself. We invite you to this modern house party for becoming the version of yourself you feel at home in, led by Caro Ilias and live music. Be welcome!

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This show will be in Dutch only.

April 21 @ 20:00

Theater De Wilde Wereld

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