SHOUT is an LHBTQ + organization. We are both an interest and sociability association in Wageningen. Since 1968 we have been committed to LGBTQ interests in Wageningen and surroundings.

Although we started as a student working group in 1968, we are now an association that is open to everyone. Young, old, citizen, (international) student, everyone is welcome with us.

Our parties and café evenings are open to everyone. The association evenings are for members only. If you want to go to an activity once, but you prefer not only then can you take part in the buddy program. You will then be linked to an SHOUT member with whom you go to an activity together. Every year we also have an introduction period from September to November, the Find Out SHOUT. Additional activities will be organized so that you get to know all the SHOUT committees.

We are also active on the social level. Our information committee provides LGBTQ education at primary and secondary schools in Wageningen and surrounding municipalities. Since 2013, through our asylum seekers’ support committee, we also offer a listening ear to LGBTQ asylum seekers who reside in the Process Reception location Wageningen Hoog. They can tell us their story and are also invited to activities, so that they are in a safe environment.

We also organize an Out Now talk group twice a year for people who want to talk about LGBTQ in a safe environment.


Creating a safe meeting place for LGBTQ people. We do this by organizing open parties (even heterosexas are welcome), open café evenings, association nights for members and discussion groups such as the Out Now.

Promoting interests at the municipality. Although some big wins like the legality of marriage regardless of gender have already been achieved in the Netherlands, there’s still a lot to gain in other areas. Think for example of the accessibility of medical transition care and the legal recognition of non-binary genders. We remain committed to increasing the emancipation of LGBTQ people.

This is why we provide education to primary and secondary schools. We support LGBTQ asylum seekers and organize once a year a Pink Week in Wageningen to pay attention to various LGBTQ themes.

We also have good contacts with other organizations in Wageningen and the municipality.