SHOUT has many fun committees! We have ad hoc committees and year round committees. Below they present themselves. Would you like to join one or more committees? Take a look at the Volunteer page!


Year around

Information Committee

The Information Committee provides guidance on sexual diversity in secondary and primary schools in the region. This is how we want to promote respect and combat discrimination and prejudice. Do you also want to make a contribution to more acceptance? We are an enthusiastic team with a mission, and the committee can use some reinforcement! Experience with teaching is not necessary, you will learn that in our team! It is important that you can be confident and that you can tell your story. It varies how busy we are giving information: sometimes we give a lot of lessons in a row, at other times we have a quiet period without lessons. You don’t have to be present at every education: as a team we devide the lessons between us. In the beginning it may be difficult, but the other committee members will help you, and you never stand alone before the classroom.


The party is made behind the bar! At every Shout-party there are four volunteers for two hours. Tapping is easily learned, but there is a little more to it than just giving Coke and beer. That’s why we organise a barkeepers meeting a couple of times a year, where we have a drink and discuss the work behind the bar together. Everyone can tap, it’s fun to do and also very nice! Want to have a number of parties a year behind the bar? Come and help us out! Experience is not a requirement.

PR Committee

As a PR committee, we provide external coverage. This means that we are responsible for the website, the social media (Twitter and Facebook), the newsletter and articles in the local newspapers and the Resource. We also sometimes organize activities to promote Shout (for example, the Pink Week) and we try to collaborate with other associations (e.g. get signatures for Amnesty). Interested in helping us with one or more of these tasks? Please check the Volunteerpage.

Party committees

Thursday Party Committee

The Thursday festivities Committee organizes the Thursday parties which are visited by many students With us you can participate in themes, decoration, stunts, promotion and construction. Last year we have had parties like: Pirates of the Gayribbean, Heroes and Villains and You are my CandyCrush. We also organize the AID party, trying to reach as many new students as possible. We are looking for reinforcement! If you like it to help us with tinkering, organizing and/or brainstorming, please visit the Volunteerpage.

Saturday Party Committee

The Saturday Parties Committee organizes Saturday parties, every first Saturday of the month. For each party we make a poster, decorations and decorate the room in the theme. We have a few regular themes such as Oktoberfest and the gay Top 50, but we also invent additional themes. Want to help us?


The AZC Support Committee supports refugees who have left their country of origin because of their orientation. We offer a listening ear and advise on any do’s and don’ts when you’re gay in the Netherlands. In addition, we organize transport to the SHOUT parties and we organize our own activities to get the refugees out of the isolation of the AZC. Often this is the first time people can be themselves without fearing the consequences.

Being a member of the AZC Support Committee is valuable work, on a flexible basis.

Ad Hoc

Pink Week Committee

In the week of Purple Friday, the day when highschool students and university students wear purple as a position against homophobia, SHOUT has been organizing since the Pink week since 2016. During this week there are various activities on campus and in the city to pay attention to themes around LHBTQ. The committee is starting in September and has a lot of freedom to organise everything, often in cooperation with other organisations and to set up the promotion.


Every third Friday of the month, SHOUT organizes a café-evening. Do you have a fun activity in mind for this evening? Then you can organize it! Please contact the board about what you are planning and whether it fits in the budget.

DJ at a party

A party without music is like a cream cake without cream. Do you like to have your DJ skills heard at a SHOUT party? Then come along and dj for us!

Photographer at activities

Do you have a good camera and want to shoot beautiful places during SHOUT activities? Sign up as a photographer and you can take pictures during activities.