The history of SHOUT can be divided into three periods. The time of the (student) workgroup that started it all, Homogroep Wageningen, which built on the foundations of the student workgroup and SHOUT that originated from the Homogroep. Below an overview of the history undivided in these eras.

1968 – 1981 Wageningen (student) working group on homosexuality
Everywhere in the Netherlands, student working groups around homosexuality started in the 1960s. A number of people also want to set up a working group in Wageningen. After consultation with the student preacher of the then Agricultural College Wageningen a call is placed in the Wageningen University newspaper. For example, in 1968 the Wageningen student working group on homosexuality (WSWH) was created with its own mailbox (89). Living room meetings are organized and evenings organized at youth association Unitas, the Wijkhuis and Jokari.

In 1972, it was decided that the working group should not only focus on students and the name in the Wageningen working group on homosexuality (WWH) changes. In the 1970s the WWH almost stopped due to the large turnover of students.

Once an initiative went down on its success. At the Troost Integratie Kafee in Troika homos and heteros could integrate with each other. However, there was so much heterosexuals that the homosexuality theme disappeared completely into the background.

1981 – 2010 Homogroep Wageningen
In the early eighties, COC-Arnhem wanted to know what was going on in gay activities in the province. That is how she ended up in Wageningen. A number of people responded to the call of the COC and a meeting was organized. That same evening it was decided to do something with the people present, to organize evenings for homosexuals in Wageningen. It was also decided that the Homogroep Wageningen would not become part of the COC.

The Gay group is growing more and more. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the group moved from location to location: Troost, Zeezicht, Unitas … There already existed a long time for its own building, its own permanent location. A private place is not only desirable for café evenings. There was also a lack of a place to meet, to build an archive and to be constantly accessible.

For a year everything was located in an apartment on Pomona. The secretariat, the answering machine and all meetings were held there. Even men who thought there was an escort service called! In 1984 the Wild World came into being (more about that history of the building) and the Gay Group also wanted to be accommodated here. In order to pay the rent, a municipal subsidy was needed and for this the Gay Group had to become an official association.

In 1985 the statutes are approved and the Gay Group is an official association with its own location. From April 1988 until sometime in 2006, the Gay Group has their own magazine, the Pink message.

After a long renovation of the building, there will be a gay café evening in De Wilde Wereld for the first time on April 14, 1989. With the growing number of students, the Homogroep is also growing in the 1990s. Many things are being undertaken and also politically proficient with the city council. In 1997, the specific women’s group within the Homogroup was lifted due to lack of interest. In 1998, the Gay Group went online with its first website at De Digitale Stad.

From 2002 she had her own domain, homogroep.nl. Around 2006 a difficult time started for the Gay Group. Not many people were active anymore and an active group of LGB youths arose from Unitas in addition to the Gay Group. In 2009, this youth group joined the Gay Group under the name SHOUT. This group brought life back to the brewery and, in addition to the parties, many new activities came into being.

In 2010, Gay Group was assigned an ANBI status, which means that people can donate tax-free from that moment onwards. At the end of 2010, the General Members’ Meeting decided that Homogroep Wageningen and SHOUT would continue under the name SHOUT Wageningen.

2011 – present SHOUT Wageningen
After the change of name, it went very well for a number of years with SHOUT. In addition to the Saturday parties, parties were also introduced on Thursdays that focused more on students.

In 2012, the Find Out SHOUT was started, an introductory period for interested parties in the association in the autumn. In 2013, SHOUT expanded its social function as a safe meeting place and provided information by setting up an asylum seekers support committee to support the LGBTQ asylum seekers in the process shelter in Wageningen.

Again there were fluctuations in volunteer numbers. The PR committee disappeared and shifted its duties to the party committees that themselves became responsible for posters and promotion, and the number of café evenings went down considerably for a couple of years. In 2014 the PR committee was again


Foundation of the Wageningen Student Working Group Homosexuality (WSWH) and Postbus 89


Evenings in Jokari; WSWH becomes WWH


Evenings in the Wijkhuis


Opening Troost Integratie Kaffee (Troika) and eatery Zeezicht


too many hetero’s – Troika defunct

May 1981

establishment of the Homogroep Wageningen

March 1982

Studium Generale Homocycle


Evenings in café Troost


Establishment of a women’s group; first preparations The Wild World


Café Troost bankrupt; Evenings in Unitas

Nov. 8 1985

Homogroep Wageningen official association with statutes and municipal subsidy


renovation of De Wilde Wereld (largest part)

December 1987

Pink Platform is defunct

April 1988

appearance of the first official Pink Message

April 14, 1989

first gay café evening in De Wilde Wereld

April 6, 1990

presentation note “Municipal Politics and Homosexuality”

May 1991

10-year anniversary of Homogroep Wageningen

27 May 1991

Homonota adopted in the city council

March 1992

institution of a community register by the Municipality of Wageningen

November 1993

12 1/2 year anniversary Homogroep Wageningen and 25 years PO Box 89 an Almanac was issued

May 1996

celebration third lustrum with a whole party week


due to moderate interest in the cancellation of the women’s group

August 1998

the Gay Group has its own Homopage on the internet

February 2000

first paid employee at the Homogroep Wageningen

Spring 2000

creation of gay youth group Jip and Janneke

December 2000

the management group of the hall, in which the Gay Group participates, becomes a foundation: Stichting theaterzaal de Wilde Wereld


Homogroep.nl becomes its own domain name on the internet


Youth group SHOUT joins Gay group


Gay group gets AMBI status


Gay group changes its name to SHOUT

March 2012

first Thursday party for students

September 2012

start with Find Out SHOUT


establishment AZC support committee

August 2013

start giving parties during the Annual Introduction Days

December 2016

Pink Week at the WUR and in the city

Summer and autumn 2017

renovation of new office, Rainbow Room

November 2017

SHOUT Extravaganza Drag Night

January 2018

start with association nights in the Rainbow Room