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Utrecht Pride Raffle

SHOUT will once again be sailing on the Utrecht Canal Pride this year! With our boat we promote diversity and we give tips to make diversity a verb!

In order to cover the costs of participation, we have entered into a partnership with various entrepreneurs from Wageningen. They have great prizes available!

Buy your raffle tickets now for only € 2,50 and support SHOUT and local entrepreneurs!

The lottery will be held live on May 26 at 20:00 in the Wilde Wereld. Can’t attend? Don’t worry, the winners will also be notified by email. You can then collect your prize at a later time.

Over 25% chance of winning!

What can you win?

Bas Buitensport donates 5 vouchers worth €15 and 2 vouchers worth €30 that can be spent at the store!

‘t Stoepje donates ten vouchers with which you can pick up a free loaf of bread every week, for five weeks!

Heerenstraat theater donates a total of 10 cinema vouchers with which you can go to a film of your choice, of which 2 sets of 2 and 6 separate cinema vouchers will be raffled

Ticketcounter donates three sets of two entry tickets for national park De Hoge Veluwe, including a free consumption!

CoolKinderfeestje donates free rental of a box with 12 laser tag pistols worth €50

From IMAGINE – art, books and coffee – you have five times a chance to win a beautiful poster of your choice

Ice cream parlor Antonio donates five stamp cards for up to 4 scoops of Italian ice cream from their wide range of flavors

Luucx donates two beautiful maps of the city center of Wageningen

From Stadsbrouwerij Rad van Wageningen you have a chance to win one of two local Wageningen beers

Copypoint donates a voucher to print 25 photos of your choice

Columbus donates a delicious gift package with various products from the store

From Urban Roots you have a chance to win 1 of 2 philodendron bipinnatifidum shangri-la, a beautiful and easy houseplant

Streekwaar donates a surprise package with fresh products from the Wageningen area

Cicuto donates 5 vouchers with which you can get 2 scoops of real Italian ice cream

Hobby Creatief donates 4 balls of beautiful wool for the creatives among us

De Snoeptiek donates a gift package with various products from their range

Le Perron donates two vouchers to spend in the organic bakery in Wageningen

‘ t Zonnetje donates a delicious tea package with two flavors of tea and a tea glass

SHOUT is making some Pride goodie bags available to get into the Pride Month mood