Canal Pride Utrecht 2022

 June 4, 2022


Sail on the diversity boat of Shout! We celebrate diversity at the 4th Utrecht Pride 2022, with the theme ‘just be you’, by showing the diverse colors of our members in the black and white world of the binary, heteronormative, valid and allosexual society.

Diversity is a verb and it calls for action. Everyone and every community can and should make an effort to diversify. Shout does not only want to encourage diversity, but also set a good example and show how this should be done at Canal Pride Utrecht. That is why we will put web page online with tips that will help you diversify life in general.

Will you sail along?

Sailing along


Members pay €25 with coupon code (which you will find in your mailbox) and non-members pay €50. The presale for members starts on May 5. From May 12, non-members can buy their ticket.


Diversity as a verb

You buy a boarding pass with a certain color. The intention is that you only wear clothes with the color of your boarding pass on the boat. That way we form a big rainbow together, but you can still let your diversity and own style shine. Together we make diversity a verb!

Do you have too few clothes in the color of your card? Then get to work and make sure you replenish your clothes! You can dye white clothes, make something yourself, or find cool things in the 2nd hand stores! Make it something beautiful 🙂

Tickets on sale for members from May 5th
and from May 12 for non-members