Always wanted to try Drag? Don’t know how to start?
In that case, Drag College is for you.

Find your inner Drag King, Queen or Genderblend at Drag College.
We will give you the chance and the help you need to put  your own Drag Persona and Act together.

Attend masterclasses from professional performers, hair & make-up artists and get personal coaching from life coaches. Get your drag diploma in performance skills and confidence after you get to shine at the graduation ball.

To participate, you pay 50 euros and you get a drag starter-kit, personal coaching and 4 masterclasses about hair & make-up, clothing, character building and setting up your performance. All masterclasses take place in the evening at SHOUT in the Rainbow Room and theater De Wilde Wereld.

Drag College helps you not only create your drag persona, but also grow on a personal level. It’s like therapy, but more fun!

Just like at school, you will get homework at Drag College. In between the masterclasses, we expect you to do at least 2 hours of self-practice to work on your make-up, act or clothes.

You can sign up for Drag College from November 1 till November 23 by filling out the form below.

Would you like some help with your application? On Monday, November 7 you can get advice from the Drag College team in the Rainbow Room of SHOUT (Burgtstraat 1) from 20:00 to 21:00.

​Drag College is a collaboration between Wagastorm and SHOUT Wageningen.

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About the Masterclasses

February 23, 2023 – Masterclass 1 – Make-up

During your first masterclass at Drag College, you will be under the guidance of amazingly talented make-up artist Jesper MUA, Make-up-Cup season 1 participant, and learn how to bring the face of your drag persona to life 

March 2, 2023 – Masterclass 2 – Hair & Clothing

During the masterclass hair and clothing, you will learn how to dress and proportionize under the watchful eyes of headmistress GiGi. In addition, you will start styling your wig from scratch!

March 9, 2023 – Masterclass 3 – Drag Persona

In the 3rd masterclass, you will work on your drag persona. Are you fierce, funny, fake or just sweet like candy? You will have a chance to look deep down. Our life coaches Hannah and Christien will guide you to find your inner drag and motivation.

March 16, 2023 – Masterclass 4 – Act

During the 4th and last masterclass, Headmistress GiGi will get you started with the graduation act. Grand and compelling or small and intimate? It’s all up to you! The technical aspects such as light, sound and special effects will also be covered. The experienced stage manager Marcel van Middendorp-Lentjes will help you learn how to work together with a stage manager and create an amazing performance together. 

March 23, 2023 – Graduation Gala

A spectacular graduation gala, hosted by Headmistress GiGi!  it’s time to muster all the fierceness within you with the help of everything you have learned in drag college and let them have it. This is your moment to shine on the stage and introduce the world to your drag persona!

Het Drag College team

Robert (Wagastorm)

Christien (Wagastorm)
Life coach

Marcel (Wagastorm)
Creative director

Gigi (Wagastorm)
Host masterclasses

Hannah (SHOUT)
Life coach

Rins (SHOUT)

Zeki (SHOUT)
Social media

All people mentioned above are also in the general organisation of Drag College.


Do you have questions?

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In the series “Zie je mij?” from Zorgbelang Inclusief Robert tells how his drag persona Gigi helpt him to become who he wants to be.