Frequently Asked Questions

Is SHOUT A student association?

No, SHOUT is an association for everyone over the age of 16 from Wageningen and surroundings. Since Wageningen has a large student population, many of the active members are students.

Am I also welcome being hetero?

Yes, anyone who is part LHBTQ + community and/or has a warm hart for it is welcome to SHOUT.

Are you guys just a gay bar?

No, SHOUT is a LHBTQ +-interest and social association. In addition to organising parties and activities for members, SHOUT also promotes the interests of the LHBTQ + community in Wageningen and its surroundings. We do this, for example, by organising the Out Now Talk group and providing information.

Is De Wilde Wereld your property?

No, SHOUT is one of the regular users of the theatre where the parties and the cafe-evenings are held. In addition, SHOUT rents her own association room from De Wilde Wereld – the Rainbow Room. Here the Association evening is held weekly. In addition, this space is used for meetings.

Is SHOUT for people under 18 years of age and over 25 years old?

Yes, SHOUT is for everyone over 16 years old. Are you under 16 years of age? Then you can always contact the board for other possibilities.

I'm not out of the closet, what can you do for me?

A number of times a year the Out Now is organized. During 10 meetings, in a safe environment with like-minded people, subjects such as gender, sexuality, discrimination, but also romantic love and dating are discussed. You can always contact us if you have questions or need help.

What can I do at SHOUT?

SHOUT is an organization that runs entirely on his volunteers. Look at the Commissions page for the options. Do you have a good idea? Please send us a message and we will contact you.

I'm in education, what can you do for me?

We provide information in classes free of charge, for more details see the education page.

My child has come out of the closet, can you help?

You can contact us for other questions, but if your child is over 16, our activities are an option.

SHOUT sounds nice, but I I'm scared to go alone. Help?

We at SHOUT understand that the threshold can be quite high. Many of our members have also experienced this. If you prefer to go to an activity with someone, we have the Buddy program. Do you feel that your orientation and/or gender identity is something you want to talk about, then the Out Now might be an option. For further questions or support you can contact us.

Yes, but why should I join a LHBTQ + association?

Being a member of SHOUT allows you to go to the association evenings, in addition there are a number of other members activities during the year. Of course you also support us with your membership fees.

Are you still needed now?

Yes. Although the reasons for our necessity have changed over the last 50 years, unfortunately we still notice very often that we are needed. Of the information in schools where people only feel safe enough in the classroom to talk about their LHBTQ + family or get out of the closet, to the members who have found their partner at SHOUT, and from the Out Now that attracts many people every year , to the members who meet every Tuesday evening to chill.

Are transgender's also welcome?

Yes, anyone who is part LHBTQ + community and/or a warm heart is welcome to SHOUT