Drag Night Vol. IV


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Drag Night is back – even earlier than you expected! Next show is on February 1st.
Have a blast and get your ticket for a fabulous extravaganza!

There are 0 tickets left.

Featuring performances by GiGi, Vivaldi, Mizz Take, The Kameleon, Anydee, Chrystal Conners, Evelyn Mey and Antoine Panaché.

SHOUT is a non-profit organization, dedicated to create more diversity and support the queer community. We love for our acts to get fair pay.

If you wanna get in for free? Get involved and do one of our 2-Hour Mini Tasks. For more information please send a short email to info@shoutwageningen.nl
Come on down to De Wilde Wereld and have a blast!


Members pay 7,- please note that you can’t buy more than one discount ticket per member.
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