The PVV became the largest party in the House of Representatives elections last Wednesday. This result was a big surprise for everyone, including the party itself.

For many people it was a very unpleasant surprise. The Party for Freedom and party leader Geert Wilders are known for their fierce criticism of Islam and their negative attitude towards immigration, Europe, climate measures and diversity. Geert Wilders has also been convicted of group defamation (Supreme Court ruling 06-07-2021).

He is also not positive towards the LGBTIQ+ community. He is against ‘gender measures’ and ‘gender madness’. He is also in favor of a significant reduction in study migration, which also closes the door to LGBTIQ+ students who can study safely in our country and in our city now and in the future.


SHOUT Wageningen never makes political statements. But with these election results we want to make it clear that we continue to stand up for the interests and rights of our LGBTIQ+ community in all its diversity.

Do not be afraid. Article 1 of our Constitution protects us against discrimination. This cannot simply be changed!

If you need a listening ear, we are there for you. Don’t withdraw, talk about your concerns.

Let us continue to support and encourage each other to develop ourselves in all our rainbow splendor!


At SHOUT everyone is welcome and everyone participates!


The Board of SHOUT Wageningen