This year we celebrate 50 years LHBTQ interest representation in Wageningen! To celebrate that, members and former members of the past 50 years tell their stories.

This time a mempry from Roos.

Wageningen on the pink card again!

In April 2009 I heard that the Homogroep Wageningen (the HGW) would organize the last monthly Wild Rose party in July 2009. This, because there were too few active people within the association: less than a handful of people took care of the bar, music and room every month (respect!). In addition, there was little enthusiasm for the dance evenings and nothing else happened (no Jip and Janneke, no pink swimming group, no Pink message anymore). However, there was the annual Do not tell mum, but this was organized by Unitas and was separate from the HGW.

I knew one thing for sure: the Gay Group could not stop living! It could not be the case that in the student city Wageningen there was no place to go for the varied pink community that lived there. Certainly this was a must have for myself.

With a bit of guts and a lot of energy, I handed out notes to everyone who had been approached in pink and exchanged contact information. With this manhunt to pink enthusiasts, we sat together with eleven people on a memorable Friday night (May 15, 2009). More people wanted to join but could not do that night.

We made acquaintance (Niko, Carel, Lia, and so on!) And together we sketched the contours of a new pink association heart, which in part revolved around the monthly parties of the Gay Group, and in part about the countless other activities that we to think together. (For example, there has been a pink football group for a while, do you remember that?)

Then the ball started to roll quickly, we got the most exciting ideas! Our focus was on the next two parties: July and September. But soon we understood that we would form a board together, with all the responsibilities that came with it. Then also soon a new work name for the club! After a brainstorming session and a lot of drinks we went out on SHOUT!

The first Shout date with the audience was on July 4, 2009. Doors were literally open, people were helping on all sides. Free graphic design (the Shout doll is from the very beginning and would become our logo), free use of spaces (like those of LinksBoven), pieces in the newspapers, new e-mail address, new website and always fresh flowers on the bar . And the most valuable thing for us as new people within the association, as I can remember, was the freedom and support of the ‘old’ volunteers present, that we could use all available resources to make something of it, such as budget ( and advice ;-).

Our second date came soon too. How did we trigger everyone in Wageningen, including all the open-minded public, to come to Shout? And how could we also encourage international students to come ?? We have thought about this a lot, and that resulted in a question:

Am I gay ?! September 5, 2009, the opening party of the new calendar year. We printed the text ‘Am I gay ??’ in six languages ​​on colorful posters (including Chinese!). There was little money spent on decoration, performances & PR for years and we were allowed to freely invest those first parties. We did that !! Gas filled balloons, a SHOUT banner, an expensive DJ, black-light paint, masks, performances and a dignified October fest … and finally everything for a dark room party (do not talk about it …… .). Back to Am I gay ?! From that first ‘real’ Shout party, PR was high on the agenda. There was no spot in Wageningen and surroundings where our posters could not be seen. Until late in the night we cycled everywhere in teams, and we also dared to stick the election panels.

Shout stands for me for special friendships, great evenings, involved young people with creative ideas, togetherness through a shared denominator. All people who are committed to a more social society. As an individual vulnerable but as a group strongest! What made a difference together and what was it nice to hear.

I do not want to remember the following … we had come up with a lot of names for the new movement, including: Pink Pepper, Cappuchino, YouPi, Unbeschreiblich, Divercity, The Rainbow Company. And we all know how it went 🙂 SHOUT!


Utrecht, September 2018

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