Information committee
The Information Committee gives information on primary and secondary schools in Wageningen and surroundings on behalf of SHOUT Wageningen. We currently give guest lessons at schools in Wageningen, Ede and Kesteren. Our goal is to increase the acceptance of homosexuality, bisexuality and transgender people. You would think that in a country like the Netherlands is not really necessary anymore. However, we experience that the subject is still playing a lot and that discrimination and incomprehension still occur.
Many teenagers have trouble getting out of the closet. And when talking about gays, it is often in a negative sense. We want to get the subject out of the taboo.

Information is still very much needed!

“I think it’s important to spend a whole lesson instead of a few minutes listening to people who have doubted their identity during their high school period, which is the same time that our students are now in, in which your indentity It is good to use SHOUT’s guest lessons to talk about the subject, they treat this serious subject with a lot of humor. “
Secondary schools
During our classes, students have the opportunity to ask questions anonymously, our advisers tell their personal coming out story and we hold a group discussion. Our information is not aimed at imposing an opinion on pupils; we encourage them to think about the subject themselves and show them our side of the story.
There are always students who reject homosexuality. With these students we try to cultivate understanding. This often results in lively discussions. In retrospect, we often hear that students have appreciated our lesson.

Primary schools
Since a few years we are also active in primary schools. We focus on groups 7 and 8. It goes without saying that this program looks different from the program for secondary schools. We do not talk about sex, but about subjects like courtship and “two dads or two mothers”. We have an interactive primary school method that consists of puzzles, games, a quiz and a follow-up discussion.

For schools
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