Do you want to contribute to the Wageningen LGBTI + community?

This is possible as a volunteer at SHOUT! Below you will find all vacancies that are available. Are you interested? Let us know!
Note: these are all voluntary activities. You don’t get any money for it. You can count on a lot of fun, gratitude and conviviality and of course a lot of extra experience!

Board member

Would you like to make yourself useful for more than a few hours a month?

Then come and strengthen the board! Many hands make light work. In addition to everyday things such as planning, organizing and finances, the board is also involved in supporting the Municipality of Wageningen with their rainbow policy, representing the LGBTI community in the social domain at Welsaam Wageningen, helping LGBTI refugees and much more. .

The board meets on average twice a month. The amount of time you spend depends very much on the tasks you take on, but count on at least 2 to 3 hours a week. We now share those tasks with four people, a fifth or sixth is certainly welcome!

For more information, please contact the volunteer coordinator via