SHOUT is there for you. Just to socialize or have a party, but also to help you if you have problems with your sexual orientation or gender identity.

Old, young, student, no student-it doesn’t matter. Everyone is welcome. Check out what you might have to offer or what you could do for SHOUT.

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OUT NOW Discussion Group


Do you think you might not be straight or cisgender, or are you sure? Do you want to meet other people with the same feelings and questions in a safe environment? Then you can now join the discussion group OUT Now.

On average, the acceptance of LGBTQ + ers is increasing, but the fact that the outside world has no problems with it, does not mean that it is automatically easier for you if you have any doubts about your sexuality and/or gender identity.

The OUT NOW is a series of about ten meetings for people who are struggling with their orientation or gender identity. In a group of five to ten participants, together with two supervisors, you’ll discuss different themes you’ll encounter when you discover that you’re LHBTQ +. Things like: How do you find out, the reaction of parents, the coming-out, prejudices with which you have to deal and everything that the group has to talk about.

The OUT NOW is organized twice a year, usually in the autumn and spring.

Find Out SHOUT


Everyone is welcome at all times to get to know the activities of SHOUT and the association.

Once a year, from September to December, we also offer the opportunity to participate in an introductory period, the Find Out SHOUT.

You’ll join in a group of other interested people and two mentors Together you attend some of the ongoing activities of SHOUT: Members activities, Parties and cafe nights. In addition, your group can do extra things, such as dining together before going to an activity.

To get to know the committees of the Association, they all organise a small introductory activity. Think for example of a beer tap course by the Bar committee or a decoration afternoon for the saturday or thursday party committees.

Introductory period may sound like a student association, but SHOUT is not a student association and this introductory time is certainly not comparable to a degreening of a student association. It is a collection of fun activities you participate in together with two mentors You do not have to be a student to participate in Find Out SHOUT

Find Out SHOUT costs 15 euros.

When there’s no Find Out going on but you still want to get to know the activities of SHOUT and you don’t want to do that on your own? Sign up for the buddy program.

Buddy Program


Want to get acquainted with SHOUT, but don’t you dare to go alone? We all know that feeling!

SHOUT has a buddy program for people who want to visit a SHOUT activity, but who rather not want to go alone.

When you sign in, the SHOUT Board associates you with a SHOUT-member who is buddy-mentor. You can then come together once and go to a SHOUT activity.

Through the form, both Buddy mentors and people who want a buddy can sign up for the buddy system. After sending it in, the board will contact you as soon as possible!


As a member of SHOUT, you support the work of SHOUT financially with your contribution. Apart from the fact that your money is well spent in this way, you get something in return.

As a member of SHOUT, all open activities are accessible free of charge (except for the annual charity party). In addition, special evenings and activities are organized for members only.

The contribution is 15 euros for students and people who earn below average and 20 euros for all other people.

Becoming a member is easy! Fill out this form, pay your contribution and you’re done!


Become a volunteer


SHOUT runs entirely on volunteers. Without them no parties, cafe-nights, information in schools and assistance to asylum seekers.

If you want to help out SHOUT and focus on LGBTQ + visibility, interests and fun activities, take a look at our commissions page and see which commissions appeal to you.

Being a volunteer at SHOUT is really fun and instructive. In addition, we also reward our volunteers with the annual volunteer barbecue, SHOUT-coins for a free drink at an activity and discount on the SHOUT-shirt!

Tell us about your interest -the SHOUT Volunteers Coordinator can work with you to see which commissions suit you best.