SHOUT is here for you. To socialize, to celebrate a party, but also to help you if you’re having problems with your sexuality or gender identity.

Are you experiencing difficulties and do you need a chat or information?
You can contact us any time!

Old, young, student, non-student, it doesn’t matter. Anyone is welcome.
On this page you can see what SHOUT has to offer, or what you could do for SHOUT.

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Out Now support group


Do you think you are LGBTQ+, not cisgender? Do you want to meet other people that also have these questions in a safe environment? Then you can join the Out Now support group.

The Out Now is a support group that consists of 6 to 10 meetings with the same group. Two
members of SHOUT coach the group as mentors. During the meetings all kinds of topics are
discussed that related to finding out you are on the LGBTQ+ spectrum like how your
environment responded to your ‘coming out’. The groups picks most of the topics themselves
based on what matters for people in the group.
The Out Now is organised twice a year. To join the group you don’t need to be a member of
SHOUT. There are no costs to join this support group.

SHOUT Sharing Circle

The SHOUT Sharing Circle is a support group concept where a monthly meeting is organised for a group within the LGBTQ+ spectrum or about a certain theme. It is a safe space to talk about all kinds of things related to the topic of the group. At the meetings the groups picks the topics themselves.
At this moment we have one group about gender. If you want a sharing circle on a different topic, you can send an email to the SHOUT board via We can set it up than both for groups that only get together one time or become a reoccurring group.
The Sharing Circle support groups are meant for SHOUT members. If you are not a member (yet) you can join twice to see if you like it. Afterwards you can decide if you want to become a SHOUT member.

Trans and non-binary sharing circle

For SHOUT members who are trans and/or non-binary SHOUT offers a sharing circle about gender and who it is to not fit in societal expectations of gender. This group is held in Dutch every month.
When people want to start an English spoken group, we will also set up a group in English. To sign up for this group you send an email to


Do you want to get to know SHOUT but are you afraid to go to an activity all by yourself? We all know the feeling! That’s why SHOUT has a buddy programme. If you apply for a buddy, the board will match you up to a buddy-mentor. You can then go to a SHOUT activity together so it will be less scary.

Do you need a buddy, or do you want to become one? You can apply through the form below.


Become a member of SHOUT!

As a member of SHOUT you support our work financially with your contribution. Of course you will get something in return too!

Almost all SHOUT activities are free for members, and you’ll get a fair discount on activities that we charge an entrance fee for. Further there are special members activities and our weekly members night in the Rainbow Room.

From January 2020 the contribution is €30,- when you’re a student or when you have a minimum income you get a €5,- discount.

Becoming a member is easy! Fill out this form, pay your contribution and you’re done!


Become a volunteer


SHOUT runs on volunteers. Without them, no parties, no Pink Café, no education in schools and no support for LGBTQ+ refugees.

If you want to strengthen SHOUT and you want to focus on LGBTQ + visibility, interests and fun activities, take a look at our committees page. Being a volunteer at SHOUT is really fun and educational. In addition, we also reward our volunteers with the annual volunteer barbecue, SHOUT coins for free drinks during activities and a discount in the SHOUT shop! Let us know – the SHOUT volunteer coordinator can work with you to see which committees suit you best.

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