SHOUT has a new bank account!

We have been with the ING bank for years, but in the light of the recent money laundering scandal and our discovery that the ING invested more than 750 million euros in nuclear weapons among 9 different manufacturers between 2014 and 2017, we thought it was time to make a switch . As of today, we have a new bank account at BUNQ

Why at BUNQ?

Apart from the great advantages in the field of modern techniques that they use, such as links with our accounting system and such, BUNQ does not invest at all. Not in good causes, but not in bad ones. They just manage our money and nothing else. Our savings remain with the ASN where it is well invested in, for example, microcredits in poor countries.

Automation and Digitization

In order to streamline the administration and to be able to manage SHOUT more fluently, we are busy with our time! Get rid of the folders full of paper, away with google docs and spreadsheets with lists. PIN system The automatic collection of the membership fees was not automatic: Days pluses and minuses to create direct debit files and high costs for the required software.

You can become a member online from next week. Becoming an old fashion member via a form also remains possible. Your contribution can then be debited by an automatic authorization, or you can receive an invoice each year that you can pay manually.

Automatic collection

Do you want to issue an automatic authorization? Then you have to pay once with iDeal, you give an authorization, after which the contribution will be automatically automatically debited.
Anyone who has already issued an authorization must do this once again.