11 October
18:45 on the 5 mei plein

Will you walk along?

Pride Walk Wageningen

SHOUT organizes the first Wageningen Pride Walk!

The city of Wageningen will not only fly the rainbow flag on 11 October at Coming Out day this year, but also reveal a poem about diversity and having the space to be yourself.

The poem will be placed in the entrance of the town hall. To give this statement of the city about LGBTQ+ acceptance and diversity an extra boost, SHOUT will organize a pride walk before the reveal of the poem.

Everyone is welcome to walk along.

Several associations, political parties and other organizations will send representatives to show that in their organization everybody is welcome regardless of sexuality and gender identity.

The program

Pride Walk Wageningen will start on the 5 mei plein and travel via the Bergstraat and Hoogstraat to the town hall.

18:45 we gather at the 5 mei plein
19:15 start of the Pride Walk
± 20:00 disclosure of the poem

Afterparty in De Wilde Wereld

Stichting Homo Monument Amsterdam has made available their large rainbow flag which has already been in many pride walks in the country!

Everyone is cordially invited to bring pride flags and banners with a positive message .


Will you walk with us?

In order to have an indication of the number of participants, we ask you to report your participation here via the form below.


See you on October 11th!