Hi everyone!

The karaoke night of SHOUT and ISOW, almost 2 weeks ago! I remember it like yesterday… No, but seriously. I am Lucia, Activity Coordinator of ISOW since February. Although we have a karaoke night nearly every period, I have to say this one was exceptionally good. To start of the cooperation between SHOUT and ISOW went really well. Personally I was a bit nervous if people would dare to sing without drinking to much liquor. Fortunately a talented duo of SHOUT boys and the ‘ladies of ISOW’ were happy to start of the evening and before we knew it, the request were streaming in. If everybody would have asked for their request, the night could have continued to 8 in the morning. The atmosphere was good and the addition of the penguins at half past 1 made the event even more entertaining. I really think it was a successful evening. Hopefully we will have a repeat next year and sing the night away!