Think you might be lesbian, gay, bi, trans or queer (LGBTQ+), or are you sure? Do you want to meet people that struggle with the same feelings and questions? SHOUT will return with the Out Now group in which the participants are given the opportunity to talk about all kinds of topics about finding out you are LGBTQ+, in a safe space. For instance about coming out and dating. Next to a couple of topics that are already set, the participants can pick themselves which things they want to discuss in the group.

This time the group will be held online via Zoom. We are planning to start with the new group in April. The group will come together online once a week. The series will be 7 to 10 meetings. The amount depends on the amount of topics the group wants to discuss. The language of the group will be Dutch or English depending on preferences of the participants. It is also possible that we will start one English spoken and one Dutch spoken group.

The day of the meetings will also be picked in consideration of the availability of the participants.


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