What does the bible say about being gay? : Two interpretations

Christianity and homosexuality can seem like completely separate worlds. Especially when we see the pictures online of people carrying signs saying “God hates fags” or “Homosexuality is a sin”.  This isn’t the real picture though, as the are many Christian gays and churches that are completely okay with homosexuality. Just as there are many Christian movements, there are many interpretations of bible texts concerning this subject. Together with the Christian student organisation Ichthus, SHOUT will explore these views. This coming April 12th two experts will tell us about their view on homosexuality in the faith and the bible. Both are gay, but their interpretations and conclusions differ.

This event is during the association night of Ichthus and the start theirs by sharing a meal. SHOUT members will be able to join this meal for free (!). You will have to sign up for this meal (see this form), so they know for how many people to cook. You can obviously also join us after dinner. The location of this event is community centre Ons huis at the Harnjesweg 84, 6706 AV Wageningen.

The program is as following:

18:00 – 19:45 evening meal

19:45 – 20:00 doors open and coffee and tea

20:00 – 21:00 Wielie Elhorst and Wolter Rose speak about their views

21:00 – 21:05 short (bathroom) break

21:05 – 22:00 the speakers react to (optionally anonymous) questions and will have a conversation about the subject

from 22:00 onwards there will be drinks

Who are our speakers?

Wielie Elhorst

Wielie Elhorst studied at the Theological University of Kampen. He is the minister of the PKN in Bussum and minister with a special mission for the LGBT community. For his contribution to the Dutch Christian LGBT community he received the Bob Angelo Penning in 2014.

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Wolter Rose

Wolter Rose is Senior Lecturer of Semitic Languages, History and Culture of the Ancient Near East at the Theological University of Kampen. After studying theology at this university, he went on to study Semitic languages in Leiden and theology in Oxford where he got his PhD on a study of the Old Testament. Since 2006 he has been frequently writing about homosexuality and his choice to stay without partner. Aditionally he is a board member of the organisation Hart van homo’s, which is an organisation which tries to help gay youth to give homosexuality a place together with God.

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Do you want to join the dinner? Sign up before 11am in the 12th of April using this link: https://goo.gl/forms/aaFHn10KDF25CYdV2