It can be difficult to discover that you don’t fit in the norm of straight and/or cisgender. In that case it can be nice to talk about it in a safe space with people that have similar experiences to yours. SHOUT offers the support group Out now to people that are ‘in the closet’. We want start with a new Out now group and we are looking for two mentors to coach the group.

About the Out now

The Out now is a support group that consists of 6 to 10 meetings with the same group. Two members of SHOUT coach the group as mentors. During the meetings all kinds of topics are discussed that related to finding out you are on the LGBTQ+ spectrum like how your environment responded to your ‘coming out’. The groups picks most of the topics themselves based on what matters for people in the group.

As mentor you coach the group. You get a handbook with conversation starters, games and many tips from people that were mentors before.

Depending on the corona regulations the group will come together in the Rainbow Room or will meet online.

For more information please contact the volunteers coordinator via