People spent a large part of their day at work. You probably see your colleges more often than your friends. So a nice environment to work in is very important for your wellbeing and the fun you have in your job. This is the case for everyone, but as an LGBTQ+ person it can be difficult to also bring the LGBTQ+ part of your identity to work.

Last year SHOUT was contacted by some LGBTQ+ employees of Unilever to connect and work on activities together. We are looking into organising an event about being LGBTQ+ at work/internship with different (types of) companies and also maybe the university. We would like to know what kind of topics you are interested in and questions you would have for LGBTQ+ people working at (international) companies. You can fill in suggestions in this form:

Interested in helping to organise this activity? Please send an email to